Jennifer’s 40 over 40 campaign

Meet Jennifer, another lovely lady who took part in The 40 over 40 Campaign. Jennifer is a real estate agent, and having moved around quite a bit in her life she knows the difference a great real estate agent can make – and so she makes every effort to help her clients not only find their dream homes, but to also make it a great experience. 



What drew you to this 40 over 40 campaign?

I have always wanted to do a professional photo shoot but as we all do, I was not very confident in front of a camera and not knowing what to do for the best photos or how to stand or pose so I decided to seek out a professional that could support and guide me to get the best out of me.


If you could go back and tell your 20 year old self something that you think would change your life, what would it be?

Make sure you learn from your mistakes, keep studying and you will be the best in the business. If you don’t know the answer to someone’s question, please say you don’t know and go do the research and let that person know the answer to the question as soon as you can.

“Nothing comes to you, you have to go out there and get it yourself.”

Thoughts on aging?

I love the age I am at now, and the thought of getting older is okay as long as I have my health and my hubby and I can still work but also still travel is very important as I believe we need to keep the brain working.


What do you think some of your best qualities are?

I love people and making sure they are okay. 


What has gotten easier for you since turning 40?

Saying what I need to say, but always remember do it with respect.


What do you currently love about yourself?

I believe I can go into any room and strike up a conversation.


Behind the Scenes on Jen's 40 over 40 portrait session

About the Photographer

Tamryn is a Johannesburg based international award winning photographer who specialises in personal branding portraits. Her passion lies in helping educate and empower business owners to the value of portraits and showing their faces online. And she helps them do this with confidence by guiding business owners through the most empowering, intentional and fun portrait sessions.

Her favourite clients are those who have never seen an incredible portrait of themselves. Or those who hate being photographed and protest that they are not photogenic.

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📍Johannesburg, South Africa 

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