Kerstin Jatho 40 over 40 campaign

By now you should have heard of my 40 over 40 campaign, well Kerstin Jatho was the first person to come in for her portrait session.

Kerstin decided to use this portrait session as a personal branding session to help boost her business and use her photos to attract the clients she most wants to work with. And who she is most able to help!

We asked Kerstin a few questions for the 40 over 40 campaign. I am so excited to share some of her answers with you:

The main things I would tell my 20-year-old is

  1. Continue to reinvent yourself. Invest in yourself, grow and be courageous to shine.
  2. Be it failure or success, both shall pass and are fleeting, don’t get too attached to them and stay humble and honour your values at all times.
  3. Listen to other people’s wisdom and advice but follow your instance and heart. You can always course-correct if it’s not working out.


What are your thoughts on aging?

I am fearless about ageing and it’s just a number for me.

I still feel young at heart and love to play like a kid. Also, with age comes wisdom, self-compassion and acceptance.

I love that part of ageing as you can focus less on self-discovery as you have arrived in life and can back to society.


What advice do you have for other women 40+ out there?

We need to combine our knowledge and sharing and stand up in our families, careers and societies for the powerful human beings we are. To stop being apologetic for our opinions and ideas.

Accepting myself with all my edges.

If you are over 40 I would love to have you in my studio. I would love to hear your stories, your lessons your insights, and I would love to share them with others. I would love for us ladies to stand together and change the narrative around aging. And I would love for us to stand together to lift each other up, celebrate each others wins and be each others biggest cheerleaders. I invite you to come and join in this movement with me. Fill on the form below and let’s create beautiful photos together.

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