Oyama’s Personal Branding Portraits
09 Apr 2024

Oyama reached out to me looking for an updated headshot. He had seen some of his colleagues using headshots, and realised what an impact it made. And he wanted that

Angie’s 40 over 40 campaign
19 Mar 2024

Another lady who is just so damn incredible and inspiring. Angie's 40 over 40 portrait session was an absolute blast. Angie has an amazing and super successful business. Which is

Ushaka Security & Fire Projects Personal Branding Portraits
29 Feb 2024

Manica from Ushaka Security & Fire Projects and I got together to capture some incredible personal branding portraits. Manica knows how incredible her products and services are, and wants to

Bella Dame’s Personal Branding Pet Portraits
16 Feb 2024

Let me just start with saying that photographing Bella Dame's Personal Branding Pet Portraits & this day was like a dream come true. I LOVE dogs! And I LOVE photography.

Lindsay’s Personal Branding
03 Jan 2024

Come find out more about Lindsay's personal branding portrait session.   This incredible lady came to me primarily to get some updated portraits for herself in a professional capacity. So

Rita’s 40 over 40 Campaign
17 Oct 2023

From the moment I met up with Rita for the 40 over 40 campaign I knew we were going to hit it off. And I instantly knew just how incredible

Rich Ideas Personal Branding
11 Oct 2023

Terence came to me looking to get updated personal branding photos for his business, Rich Ideas. I photographed Terence years ago - but, well, it was years ago. That photo

Sharon’s Family Portraits
02 Oct 2023

Sharon was just about to welcome their newest addition to their family when she reached out to me for family portraits. When I got over my shock and sheer admiration

Chantelle’s 40 over 40 Campaign
28 Aug 2023

Chantelle’s 40 over 40 Campaign photo session was such a blast! And I know I start almost all my blogs like this – but it’s true. I get to meet and work