Rizanne 40 over 40 campaign

Rizanne is another incredible human being it was a privilege to photograph (I know I say that about every single person I photograph, but you guys just don’t understand how amazing all these people are!).

Rizanne is the CEO of ProfileMe. She is badass and hardcore. But she didn’t just have smooth sailing and land casually with her bum in the CEO seat. She built this business up herself, later on in life. She is truly amazing. We had such a great time in studio together!



Hear from Rizanne:


Do you have a story / experience you want to share?

I started 40 with nothing, unmarried, childless, jobless, displaced and not a cent in the bank. I had to work hard to overcome the challenges I faced. And to overcome my unfortunate circumstances. Today I own a multi-million rand tech company. For context, I am 44 years old.

What are you most proud of yourself for?

Being in the position to help others and set the example –  especially the many young women that will be our future fighters and survivors.

My friends and family describe me as:

Utterly insane. Or brave. It’s all about perspective : )

What do you think some of your best qualities are?

A genuine love to serve others. To read between the lines and connect the dots. I am optimistic.

What advice do you have for other women 40+ out there?

Grace. Take the time to appreciate yourself and those around you – give each other grace.

What has gotten easier for you since turning 40?

Having a bank account : ) To let things go, that don’t serve you. Making peace.


Behind the scenes in studio with Rizanne for the 40 over 40 campaign

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