Chantelle’s 40 over 40 Campaign

Chantelle’s 40 over 40 Campaign photo session was such a blast! And I know I start almost all my blogs like this – but it’s true. I get to meet and work with the most amazing humans! Chantelle is such a breath of fresh air. Her has such a lovely calm and happy air about her and gosh is she a lovely lady!

So Chantelle saw my 40 over 40 campaign and reached out to me. But mainly to focus on her business. And then after chatting to her during her consultation, I discovered a bit more about her and some photos she’s always loved. And like most of my clients, she just told me about these photos she’s always looked at and loved. But she didn’t quite know if she could have them. BOOOM, my heart raced faster and I was on a mission to change the way this lady saw herself!! And to prove to her just how fudging amazing and beautiful she is.

And what a fun day it turned out to be! We started off with some personal branding, then moved onto some content photos for her business. Then her son arrived and we did some family photos. And finally we went out to a stable yard, and captured some of Chantelle’s dream photos!

Chantelle from Vision by Design

What drew you to this 40 over 40 campaign?

As women we are often overly critical about our appearance (or how we perceive ourselves!). I feel that this campaign says: “Hey, you are fabulous! Don’t ever forget that!” I think it is a wonderful opportunity to highlight what is unique and beautiful about each of the women in this campaign, and to remind ourselves how far we have come and what we have achieved.

If you could go back and tell your 20 year old self something that you think would change your life, what would it be?

I wouldn’t want to change my past. I feel that all the mistakes I have made, and the difficult times I have been through have shaped the person I am today

What are you post proud of yourself for?

I started a business in 2020 (before we knew what was coming!). There is never a perfect time to start a business but I am sure this was possibly the absolute worst time to do so! Despite the hardship that Covid-19 and lockdown brought, my business has survived and thrived. I am super proud of how far we have come in only 3 years.

What are some goals or things you still want to do?

I would love to have an NPO someday to help people with keratoconus. Most of the time they need specialized hard contact lenses in order to have adequate vision and these are expensive and often out of reach for those who need it the most.

What is your favourite quote?

A Bible verse: Eph 4:1:”Live a life worthy of the calling you have received. Be completely humble and gentle; be patient” This perfectly sums up how I try to live my life 🙂

Behind the scenes in studio with Chantelle for the 40 over 40 campaign

Are you over 40 and also want to experience what Chantelle did during Chantelle’s 40 over 40 Campaign portrait session? I invite you to apply:

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