Personal Branding / 28 Jul 2023
Nicole’s 40 over 40 Campaign

To say we (Jess, my hair and make up artist and I) were excited to meet and photograph Nicole for the 40 over 40 campaign would be a massive understatement!

Nicole had reached out to me and right from the start I could hear her hesitation. And she shared with me just how much she hates being photographed. So I knew instantly that we were going to have fun. And that I was going to help her and show her how fun being photographed can be. The fact that she is a well known true crime podcaster was also super amazing. Especially for Jess who regularly listens to her podcasts, and now had the opportunity to meet her. And even spend the day with her assisting me during the portrait session.

We had the most lovely day together and learnt all about how Nicole got into podcasting. Her goals for her future and for the podcasts. And most of all, we learnt how humble and down to earth she is. What a true gem of a human being!

But let’s hear a bit more from Nicole herself: 

What drew you to this 40 over 40 campaign?

I was looking for a photographer to do some professional photographs for me and when I saw this campaign I knew this was perfect for me. I love the idea that women over 40 could be inspired by their peers to continue to reach for their dreams and live their absolute best lives.

Do you have a story / experience you want to share?

In 2019 when I was 38 years old I left my corporate career to try my hand at a creative entrepreneurship. I started South Africa’s first victim-focused true crime podcast and, in 4 years, it has become the most successful independent podcast in South Africa and the 3rd most listened podcast overall. It is Africa’s most popular true crime podcast. Through the podcast I was also able to achieve my childhood dream of publishing a book.

If you could go back and tell your 20 year old self something that you think would change your life, what would it be?

Don’t worry so much about everyone else. Focus on yourself.

What are you post proud of yourself for?

Building a powerful platform for victims of violent crime in South Africa.

What are some goals or things you still want to do?

I have a ton of incredible podcast and book ideas for the future, but what is most important to me right now, is getting to a place where I can level up my business so that I’m not running around like a headless chicken.

What is your favourite quote?

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” Marianne Williamson

Thoughts on aging?

I’ve never been ashamed of my age, but I must say that since I’ve started telling the stories of victims of violent crime in South Africa, I am even more grateful for every year I get to live. So many people didn’t get the chance to even turn 40 so I will always proudly embrace my age because it really is a gift that many are not afforded.

What advice do you have for other women 40+ out there?

The story you tell yourself about yourself is the most powerful narrative in your life. You create your own limitations in your mind. You can live 40, 50, 60 and onward however you want to, so go do exactly that.

What has gotten easier for you since turning 40?

Focusing on myself rather than pouring myself into others.


“We are the sum of all of our life experiences up until this point, but we don’t have to be the victims of them. Our past experiences, biases, assumptions, and beliefs are all building blocks of who we are as people, but we choose how those building”

Are you 40+? Do you hate having your photo taken? 

Do you want to have a similar experience to Nicole’s 40 over 40 campaign experience?

I would love to help you. 

I invite you to come and take part in my 

40 over 40 campaign

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