“I need to lose weight”

I will disagree with you and tell you that you are perfect the way you are. But I understand the desire to look slimmer, and while I will also encourage you to chase your dreams and your desires (if you are doing this for you and not just to fit into societies norms) I do also have to brag just a tiny bit about how good I am at posing you to look slimmer. I will pose you as well as use special camera angles and lighting to help you appear slimmer – without you needing to starve yourself!

“I’m not photogenic”

I call bullsh*t! You just haven’t had the right photographer photograph you! And that’s exactly why I love to do a full consultation before my portrait sessions. We all have different measures of beauty – when I learn yours, I can help show you the parts of yourself that you love the most. While subtly drawing attention away from the parts of you that you are not absolutely in love with.

How much does it cost? 

My session fees are R2950. This includes; a consultation where I get to learn more about you, and give you wardrobe guidance. It includes professional hair styling and professional make up (for one person) with my hair stylist and make up artist before your fully guided portrait photography session. And it includes the reveal session. This is where you get to come in and see the beautiful photos we took of you – and purchase only the ones you absolutely love.

Where are you based?

My studio is based in Fairland, Johannesburg.

Do you travel? 

I love absolutely to travel! If you’d like me to travel to you, or even for us to travel to meet somewhere amazing, please get in touch and we will discuss how to make it happen and what travel fees would apply.

Can clients travel to you? 

Of course! I have had clients fly in from around the country. We can do your consultation via zoom before your portrait session and then do another zoom call for your reveal session. So you can even just pop into JHB for the day.

What days of the week do you do portrait sessions?

Most of our portrait sessions take place on Monday – Friday.  Many of our clients love to take a day, or even a half day, off work and give themselves a day to just pamper and celebrate themselves. We do try to keep a weekend date open per month for clients who absolutely need this option, but these dates come with an additional fee and are booked on a first come first served basis.

What will I wear?

You really don’t have to worry about this. I will help you and coach you on what to wear at your portrait session during your consultation. This really depends on your vision and how you want your unique portrait session to go.

I have no idea how to pose

Don’t worry, I do. And I help guide you and coach you through every pose. And even down to the details, like exactly how your fingers should be placed. I also help you with your facial expression and we will capture a range of different poses, expressions and looks to always ensure that you have plenty options.

Do you do individual headshots, corporate headshots, or special projects?

I do, please do reach out so I can get more details to put together a custom quote for you.

What is your turn around time?

Ideally I like to book out your session 2-4 weeks after your consultation. This often depends on both or our schedules as well as how many additional preparation you might want to do. Once your portrait session has been done, I invite you back into the studio within approx 10 days for your reveal session. If you are on a deadline with your images please get in touch and I’ll see what I can do for you.

What are the next steps for booking?

  1. Fill out an enquiry form here. 
  2. I will give you a call to get some more information and answer any pressing questions you might have. If it is a YES for your booking, we will schedule in your consultation, and your portrait session. I will also send through your portrait photography agreement and get your portrait session fee of R2950. We accept EFT payments as well as credit card payments via Yoco.

Can I gift a friend or family member a session? 

Absolutely. You can pay for the session as well as the image package of your choice, and then I will send through a gift voucher for you to gift your friend or family member. From there I am happy to take care of the details with the recipient.

Can I do more than one portrait session a year? 

Yes. I also  have special subscription packages available for clients who would like to consistently have more than once session a year. You can find those here.


Because when last did you do something for you? 

You run after your family, your friends, your loved ones, making sure that they are happy and that they are looked after. But when do you ever put the same amount of effort into yourself? 

I know you probably mean to. Sometime. When you get a chance.

This is your chance. Stop putting off your wants and needs, and let’s celebrate you. 

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