Michele’s 40 over 40 Campaign

Meet Michele, another fabulous lady who partook in my 40 over 40 campaign. This lady is just wild and fabulous. And the way she chases after her ideas and her dreams is seriously inspiring! (You can read a bit more about her and her story on her website here)


About her portrait session

Michele has two different businesses. One that is well established, and then a brand new baby on the block. And each businesses branding, target market, and clients pain points are pretty different. Which just meant we got to have a load more fun in the studio! We went through numerous different outfits and looks working our way through each businesses portrait needs. But then also focused on ensuring that we brought through Michele’s personal brand. Considering how many awesome businesses she has started in the past, I’m pretty sure she’s not about to stop any time soon. And ensuring that she has images on hand for when an idea strikes, is vital. 


What drew you to this 40 over 40 campaign?

Well firstly, Tam is a brilliant photographer with after service that is superb. I am 50 so I also don’t want to be 60 doing the 40 over 40. I look forward to the outcome of it and the magazine


If you could go back and tell your 20 year old self something that you think would change your life, what would it be?

I would never have studied and should have been an entrepreneur straight after school.

Should have learnt not to people please, put up boundaries and learnt to say NO.


What are you post proud of yourself for?

How I have learnt life lessons and never have to worry about being a doormat again and bullying back if I need to


What are some goals or things you still want to do?

Have a very successful business


“You can’t control things”

My friends and family describe me as:

Funny, Crazy, Ragamuffin, Hilarious, Naughty, Socializer


Thoughts on aging?

Not ecstatic about it at all.
In fact a dread in my life.


What do you think some of your best qualities are?

EQ, honesty, friendly, resourceful, spunky, sense of humour, popular with people.


What advice do you have for other women 40+ out there?

Have balls, dont take peoples nonsense.
Also be communicative, always manage peoples expectation and never have expectations as 99% of the time you will be disappointed


What has gotten easier for you since turning 40?

Learning a lot – and not caring a damn what people think of me


Behind the Scenes on Michele's 40 over 40 portrait session

About the Photographer

Tamryn is a Johannesburg based international award winning photographer who specialises in personal branding portraits. Her passion lies in helping educate and empower business owners to the value of portraits and showing their faces online. And she helps them do this with confidence by guiding business owners through the most empowering, intentional and fun portrait sessions.

Her favourite clients are those who have never seen an incredible portrait of themselves. Or those who hate being photographed and protest that they are not photogenic.

Previous 40 over 40 Participants

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📍Johannesburg, South Africa 

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