Headshot Day
06 May 2022

I recently hosted another headshot day. I only host 4 headshot days a year and they give small businesses, that are not yet ready to do a full personal branding

Sarah’s Family Portrait Session
28 Mar 2022

Sarah's family portrait session turned into a bit of a wilder ride than we anticipated. Sarah reached out to me wanting family photos done before the family was to emigrate.

2022 Headshot Days
17 Mar 2022

Nicole Borbely The bookkeeping Ninja! Those are my words, not hers. She is way more formal, proper and humble to ever make such a statement. Nicole has a passion for

Jodie’s Personal Branding Session
15 Mar 2022

Before I start telling you anything about Jodies' branding session, I need to tell you a bit more about Jodie. She is no average human being. I was lucky enough

Elvio, Aleandro & Lorenzo Family Portraits
15 Mar 2022

  Elvio and his boys were an absolute hoot to work with. Aleandro and Lorenzo are not only the most polite and well mannered boys, but they are also the

Pillay Family Portrait Session
25 Jan 2022

The Pillay family reached out to me mainly to photograph Stella. Stella was the family dog (child) who had been with them for years. Unfortunately Stella was ageing and not

Williams’ Family Portrait Session
21 Jan 2022

Obviously I believe very strongly that all people should have pictures taken. And in a whole bunch of different ways for different results. But that's a topic for another day.

Casey & Craig’s Matric Dance
07 Jan 2022

Casey had been looking forward to her matric dance for weeks, when just before her dance she got sick. The dreaded Covid-19. So, unfortunately, Casey had to stay home and

Michelle & Wikus’s Engagement Shoot
05 Jan 2022

Like 99.9% of my shoots, Michelle & Wikus's Engagement Shoot started out with me having two nervous people in front of my lens. This is actually one of my favourite