Portraiture / 07 May 2024
Debbie’s Portrait Session

Meet Debbie. For those of you who can’t even stand the thought of a portrait session. This is for you. 

Debbies husband, Raymond, gifted her this portrait session. After seeing and hearing about Mart Marie’s 40 over 40 campaign portrait session (The 40 over 40 campaign) he instantly knew this was something his wife would benefit from. However, Debbie wasn’t too convinced. I could tell right from the first phone call that she was terrified. She was very open with me, telling me how she hates being photographed and very very seldomly ever likes a photo of herself. Disclaimer: deep down, this just made more excited – I knew how big of an impact a portrait session would have on Debbie. 

After a few months of resistance Debbie agreed to meet with me. We did the consultation (where she again warned me that I shouldn’t get my hopes up, because she just knows, she probably wont like any of her photos). But we set a portrait session date anyway. 


The day of Debbie’s portrait session arrived! 

Debbie was a ball of nerves. But we eased into things, and soon after Jess got started with her hair and make up, Debbie already started relaxing a bit. 

As with so many clients, it took a few minutes at the start of the actual shoot section of the day, to get Debbie to relax completely. But, before we knew it Debbie was relaxed, and visibly enjoying herself! 

We worked through a number of outfits, poses and backgrounds/looks. All while keeping an eye on what Debbie was more comfortable with, and what was building her confidence – and of course creating incredible portraits. And before we knew it the session was over. 

The transformation (my absolute favourite part) 

And let me tell you – the Debbie that walked out my door, was unrecognisable from the Debbie that walked in the door that morning. She was more relaxed. You could see her self confidence had shifted. She was laughing freely. She held herself just a little bit taller. 

And you guessed it – despite her being adamant that she would not enjoy a portrait experience. She truly did. And despite her believing she would not like a single image I showed her, she walked out of the reveal session having purchased every image I showed her. 

About the Photographer

Tamryn is a Johannesburg based international award winning photographer who specialises in personal branding portraits. Her passion lies in helping educate and empower business owners to the value of portraits and showing their faces online. And she helps them do this with confidence by guiding business owners through the most empowering, intentional and fun portrait sessions.

Her favourite clients are those who have never seen an incredible portrait of themselves. Or those who hate being photographed and protest that they are not photogenic.

This could be YOU!

Does Debbie’s portrait session look like something you might want for yourself too?

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