Oyama’s Personal Branding Portraits

Oyama reached out to me looking for an updated headshot. He had seen some of his colleagues using headshots, and realised what an impact it made. And he wanted that too! When Oyama and I got on the phone to chat about the power of personal branding portraits, he was amazed to learn the real power of portraits. And of course, being a super smart man, Oyama knew that a full personal branding portrait session was what he was actually looking for.

During Oyama’s consultation we dived even deeper into the different uses of his images, the types of clothes he should bring to his portrait session and we went over any and all his concerns.


Like most of my Clients, Oyama was nervous to be photographed. He has never been professionally photographed before. He was nervous that he didn’t know how to pose. And I guess he was nervous that all of this would show in his photos. Even when he arrived for his portrait session, I could tell he was nervous. (Most people are. It’s usually this combination of excited nervous). But when we got started with the session I could tell that Oyama was starting to have fun!


Fun fact: “fun” is the most used word, by my clients, to describe their portrait session.

Like always, during the portrait session I was showing Oyama the back of my camera screen, making sure he too knew how good the photos were looking! And you could see him relax and have more and more fun each time I showed him one of his amazing photos.

His reveal session a few days later was also a series of oohs and aaahs! Again, I need to add here, that this is perfectly normal. So many of my clients have read my blogs and said that “they know others have loved their photos, but I really don’t like photos of myself. You will be lucky if you get me to like one photo”.  If you are sitting there reading this and you feel this way, well bring it on. Challenge accepted. ;)! I’m being serious. You are who I most want to help. Oyama didn’t think he was going to love his photos. Despite seeing the photos on the back of my camera screen throughout the session, he still expressed how surprised he was at the resulting images when we went through them at his reveal session.

This is what I want for each and every single one of you. A space and experience for you to fall in love with having your photos taken. Because you really should be existing in photos! You are flippen amazing, I might not know you, and know what amazingness you possess, but I know that there will be something incredible about you.

And secondly, I want each and every single one of you to have photos of yourself that you love. I always find it a bit weird to look at a photo of myself that I love. Like there is something wrong with being so vein. But that’s exactly why we need to have these amazing photos of ourselves. Because we should be able to look at our beautiful selves with love. With admiration and with pride. And I want to help you do that!

About the Photographer

Tamryn is a Johannesburg based international award winning photographer who specialises in personal branding portraits. Her passion lies in helping educate and empower business owners to the value of portraits and showing their faces online. And she helps them do this with confidence by guiding business owners through the most empowering, intentional and fun portrait sessions.

Her favourite clients are those who have never seen an incredible portrait of themselves. Or those who hate being photographed and protest that they are not photogenic.

📍Johannesburg, South Africa 

This could be YOU!

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