Michele’s 40 over 40 Campaign
18 Apr 2024

Meet Michele, another fabulous lady who partook in my 40 over 40 campaign. This lady is just wild and fabulous. And the way she chases after her ideas and her

Lindsay’s Personal Branding
03 Jan 2024

Come find out more about Lindsay's personal branding portrait session.   This incredible lady came to me primarily to get some updated portraits for herself in a professional capacity. So

Orca Media Group’s Portraits
05 Dec 2023

Orca media group are a community media advertising agency. And although they specialise in the community radio space, they know how important photos are. And thats where I came in!

Kerstin Jatho 40 over 40 campaign
15 May 2023

By now you should have heard of my 40 over 40 campaign, well Kerstin Jatho was the first person to come in for her portrait session. Kerstin decided to use

Vanessa Personal Branding Portraits
24 Feb 2023

Vanessa came to me last year to get some fresh and attractive personal branding portraits done. Like I do with all my clients, we sat down together and went over

Kirsten’s Personal Branding
12 Sep 2022

Meet Kirsten. What does she do? Why does she want to help you? And how can she help you?  Why did you start your business? I am a co-founder of

Shenitta’s Headshot
02 Sep 2022

Meet Shenitta  Shenitta plays an integral role in the company Impactful Future Leaders. A company aimed at helping the youth of South Africa not only find their voice, but learn

Headshot Day
06 May 2022

I recently hosted another headshot day. I only host 4 headshot days in Johannesburg a year and they give small businesses, that are not yet ready to do a full

Jodie’s Personal Branding Session
15 Mar 2022

Before I start telling you anything about Jodies' branding session, I need to tell you a bit more about Jodie. She is no average human being. I was lucky enough