Michelle & Wikus Wedding
28 Apr 2022

Michelle & Wikus Wedding was an absolute pleasure to photograph. Another absolutely incredible, and most down to earth couple chose me to capture their special day. How Michelle rocked her

Magdaleen & Sarel’s Wedding
17 Jul 2021

Getting Ready Magdaleen & Sarel's wedding only just managed to take place before the country went back into another lockdown. I think we all realise planning a wedding during a

Daleen & James Wedding
20 May 2021

The trip Getting to Daleen & James wedding meant waking up before the sun rose, but it also meant I got to go on an adventure. We were going to

Devon & Bernard’s Wedding Shoot
26 Apr 2021

I had such a fun time at Devon & Bernard's Wedding Shoot! I'm pretty sure I say this on every single blog post, but I always land up with the

5 reasons why to have a wedding album printed
29 Mar 2021

Well let's just start with the fact that you should be printing in general. In my opinion, every holiday, weekend adventure, and family event should mean a few images get

How to save time on your family photos on your wedding day
30 Nov 2020

How to save time on your family photos on your wedding day We have all been to weddings where the family shoot, bridal party shoot and couple shoot took so

Unplugged Weddings
20 Sep 2020

  Unplugged weddings are the new rage. And for good reason. Here are some of my thoughts on the topic; From a Photographers Point of View As a photographer, there

Winter vs Summer Weddings
26 Aug 2020

Let's have the summer vs winter wedding debate. While summer is definitely more popular for weddings, I would encourage more people to consider a winter wedding. Winter vs Summer Weddings

Kimi & Dom’s Wedding Shoot
03 Aug 2020

Kimi & Dom's Wedding Shoot was my first post Covid19 shoot!  Here are some of learnings from it - Wearing a mask while shooting is a challenge. I breath out