Weddings / 13 Jan 2023
Jolandi & Wiehan’s Wedding

Jolandi & Wiehan’s wedding was such fun! I knew from the moment I met Jolandi & Wiehan that their wedding was going to be amazing. And doing their engagement shoot just confirmed it. (You can find their engagement shoot here).

These two were amazing to work with, they were game for anything that would lead to an epic photo.

So, I think we all know by now, that at every wedding something goes wrong. Or at least, not according to plan. Well at this wedding, we got to start a bit later than planned. But this was fantastic for Jolandi & I, at least from a photo point of view. It meant we had the opportunity to spend more time photographing her!

This is a pretty rare thing to happen! Usually something in the prepping process will run late and we usually end up with a bit less time that planned to do bridal portraits. So little tip here, always add a bit of extra time for your bridal portraits before your ceremony. If things run on time you will just get the opportunity to have a few more portraits taken. If things run a bit late, you will still have time for those photos.

The rest of the Jolandi & Wiehan’s wedding ran smoothly and beautifully! And i’m pretty sure everyone had an absolute ball!







When the party was in full swing I managed to steal Wiehan and his grooms men away for 5 minutes to get some photos that Wiehan had requested. And then later on managed to steal Jolandi & Wiehan away for a few minutes to do some night portraits. (Gosh I LOVE doing night portraits!).



Wedding Venue: Tres Jolie


If you have just got started on your wedding planning and are looking for a photographer, pop me a message! I’d love to capture your special memories for you too.

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