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Talya & Ty’s Wedding

The most beautiful day for this amazing couple!


I absolutely love doing pre wedding portraits. Look at this lady glow! Look at how happy she is, how gorgeous she is. And you can just see and feel how much she is loving the moment!


And I just have to include this image. I always love to see parents on the day of their children’s wedding.  Talya’s dad was hilarious. And possibly the most relaxed parent I have witnessed at a wedding.

And all the while this was going on, my amazing second photographer was busy working capturing Ty.

The Forest Walk Venue is a lovely little spot to get married. And the decor for Talya & Ty’s wedding was lovely!



The Ceremony








The Couple Shoot

My Absolute favourite part!



The Reception 

What a wonderful celebration of these two. You only had to listen to one or two of the speeches to understand what wonderful people Talya & Ty are. How caring they are and how much they value their friends and family. 


Talya & Ty’s first dance as a married couple! 

And once all the formalities were over, Talya & Ty got their party on!! 

Take note of the cake – it was quite the feature of this wedding. And from what I know of the couple, such a great representation of them. Formal and beautiful at the front. And fun and crazy where people couldn’t immediately see it. 

And when the dance floor is pumping and no one will notice, I always like to steal the couple away for 5 minutes or so. 

  1. Night portraits are epic. Like they are super fun for me to capture, but they are also super cool for the couple to have. These are definitely becoming more and more popular so they not as much of a luxury as they used to be. But I still love doing them for my clients if they are on board. 
  2. My favourite part of this though, is that this gives the couple a few quiet minutes to process the day. To just absorb everything. And to just be with each other. 



If you like the photos you saw here of Talya & Ty’s wedding, and you too are getting married, reach out. I would love to capture beautiful photos that you will love and cherish for years to come. 

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