Weddings / 28 Apr 2022
Michelle & Wikus Wedding

Michelle & Wikus Wedding was an absolute pleasure to photograph.

Another absolutely incredible, and most down to earth couple chose me to capture their special day.

How Michelle rocked her wedding day:

I absolutely love Michelles’ approach to her wedding day. She was super organised leading up to her big day. And was always on top of anything I needed from her. But then on her wedding day she was as calm as a cucumber! She knew she had organised everything as best she could. And now it was time to enjoy her day. And if she had forgotten something, she knew there was nothing she could do, so why worry about it.

What a great attitude to have on your wedding day, right!? And it was clear to anyone and everyone that Michelle really was enjoying her special day.


Michelle and her lovely mom, Amor, had stayed over at the venue the night before. So, they got to really relax and unwind surrounded by all the beauty Morrells has to offer. When I arrived to start capturing Michelle & Wikus Wedding day the bridal suite just had this incredible calm energy. And every photographer loves it when everything is running on time – and in this bridal suite everything was definitely running on time!

The Venue

After checking in on the bride, I made my way around the venue checking that everything was in order and photographing as I went.

This venue is truly stunning! And it never feels like you are in Joburg when you are here. It’s really bazaar and incredible. I have to also add how weird and wonderful it always is to photograph a wedding just a couple km from home! I absolutely love travelling out and all over to weddings. But there is also something to be said about having a venue practically on your door step.

The Groom is in the house!!

A while later the groom arrived – also super calm.  After giving Wikus some time to settle in (and play some games on his phone) we got started on photographing him! And so my fun really begins!


My fun starts when I start capturing the grooms portraits. And from there the fun just escalates as I move onto photographing the bride. And then throughout the course of the whole wedding.

The Ceremony, the family shoot, the couple shoot, the reception etc 🙂

The Ceremony & the reception were absolutely beautiful and so incredible to witness and photograph!

Here’s a free tip to all couples out there – please please please eat before your ceremony. I know often brides don’t like to eat for all sorts of reasons. But this isn’t the first wedding I have had where the groom forgot to eat. And then paid for it later. Also, energy drinks don’t count as food 😉


And of course I got carried away photographing food & rings!

Night Shoots

I absolutely love LOVE love night shoots. It’s an epic time for me to have some fun and get some creative shots. But more importantly, it’s an amazing time for the couple to spend just a few minutes alone together. Alone to just really enjoy the day and all that has happened, together.

Michelle & Wikus were happy for me to go a bit wild with the night shoot. And do more than just the usual 1 or 2 scenes/set ups.

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