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How to save time on your family photos on your wedding day

How to save time on your family photos on your wedding day

We have all been to weddings where the family shoot, bridal party shoot and couple shoot took so long that by the time they were done everyone was grumpy. And anyone who has been part the bridal party knows how quickly time flies. There are a few things that can be done so that your wedding day goes more smoothly.
Here’s how:
  • Make a list of all the family photos that you want taken on your wedding day. Include the relation they have to you as well as each family members name.
  • Give this list to your photographer. If it is a shorter list than normal, you might be able to allocate less time to the family photos. If it is an extra long list, you might need to allocate extra time in your schedule to family photos.
  • Let everyone who needs to be in the family photos know that they are needed. And when. A good time to do this, I find,  is just after doing the wedding group shot.
  • Let your family members who are required for the family photos know where they need to go for their pics.
  • Put a relative or someone who knows the family well in charge of helping your photographer get everyone together and into the right photograph.
  • Have a board up with all the family photos that you need. This way family members know when they are done or that they need to stick around.
  • Advise your photographer if there are any elderly or frail people included in the family photos. These photos can be taken first or your photographer can make arrangements for chairs.
  • Important. Please let your photographer know what the family dynamics are. If there are family members can’t stand being near each other, it will prevent a load of awkwardness if your photographer can be informed before the wedding.
  • Ask your venue to take some drinks out to the spot where your family is going to be having their photos taken. If there are a lot of family photos needed, it would be great if your venue could organise some food too. This will prevent the family photos from being delayed, or even worse, leaving someone out of the photos while you wait for someone to go get food.
If you need any more help with how to save time on your family photos on your wedding day or have any question feel free to send me an email and I will try my best to help you out!

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