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Unplugged Weddings


Unplugged weddings are the new rage. And for good reason. Here are some of my thoughts on the topic;

From a Photographers Point of View

As a photographer, there is nothing worse than standing at the end of the isle, set to take the perfect shot, and suddenly a guest steps out with a giant Ipad so that they too can get a snap of the bride. The same usually happens when the couple are walking out the chapel as newly weds. Or there is the distant family member who asks you to pause after every family photo. All so he can have some photos to send to the family immediately. Oh, the list could go on forever.

It really is unfortunate that guests aren’t more aware of the consequences of their actions. Let’s use the guest stepping out into the isle as an example. This often means that the photographer then has to do some last minute moves to get the 2nd best shot. Or third best if another person steps out, etc. And as a photographer, all we want to do is provide our clients with the absolute best shots of every possible moment on their day. We do get pretty annoyed when guests ruin our couples chances of getting the absolute best picture. Or, in the case of the family photos, wasting so much time unnecessarily. I have worked hard at putting together the perfect process for family photos so that they go as quickly as possible. This process also runs the lowest risk of missing out on any required family shots. I have put extra effort into putting this process in place so that firstly,  I can ensure I get enough time with the couple for their portrait session. And secondly, so that I don’t keep the guests waiting too long.

So why don’t I just ask all my clients to go the unplugged route?

I love it that technology has advanced to the point that everyone can embrace photography. And I love it that so many people take so many photos on their friends and families wedding days. I often get to see some of the photos that the guests have captured on one of my couples wedding days. It is lovely seeing the huge variety of shots, angles, subjects and lighting that people use. I love that my couples are left with such a huge range of images from their special day. Likewise, I love how cell phones with cameras have turned everyone into a photographer. You see everyone looking at the world with new eyes that look a little bit closer at every detail of the world to see what would make a great instagram shot. And I am a firm believer that when I started taking closer notice of the smaller pretty details in my life, my whole world changed for the better. I hope that it does the same for every other photographer out there – whether they are professionals or just starting out with their phones.


Help your photographer get the best shots possible of you. Go for the unplugged weddings option. But, big but, only do it for your wedding ceremony. After that, let everyones inner photographer come out. You will get the most incredible range of shots, of every guest and every detail on your day.



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