Weddings / 17 Jul 2021
Magdaleen & Sarel’s Wedding

Getting Ready

Magdaleen & Sarel’s wedding only just managed to take place before the country went back into another lockdown. I think we all realise planning a wedding during a pandemic is one huge feat. But it was only after I spoke to Magdaleen, a few days before her wedding, that I realised just how stressful it was. Magdaleen and I had a long chat about the wedding plan. And also about the extra struggles she had to endure while putting together this event, during a pandemic.


However, on the wedding day I arrived at the venue, Makiti, and was surprised to be met by such a calm and collected bride. I could feel that the stress and worry from a few days before had vanished and excitement and joy had taken its’ place. Magdaleen was ready perfectly on time and her infectious excitement lead to a wonderful portrait session.

Walking down the Aisle

I have to also give special mention to her lovely daughter in law/ maid of honour, Celeste. She was super organised and helpful. Future brides reading this, keep this in mind. Having a super helpful maid of honour makes the world of difference. Especially when it comes to family photos!

So, one of the good things I have seen come out of this pandemic is how much closer we have become to those we love. And I have seen this at the weddings and events I have captured over the last few months. Magdaleen & Sarel’s wedding was filled with only those closest and dearest to them, and you could see it and feel it!

Family Photos & couple shoot

With the help of Celeste I managed to rally everyone together to quickly get through the family photos. Being a photographer, I am used to strict timelines. And used to having to get shots in within a very small time frame. I’m not a fan of waiting around at a wedding, and I don’t expect my couples guests to sit around waiting for hours. This wedding however, and all other weddings happening during level 3 lockdown there has been an added time pressure. The party had to be over early enough that the staff could close up and get home before lockdown. This meant that all meals and wedding celebrations had to be sped up.

To Magdaleen & Sarel, I wish you nothing but the best for your marriage and your future together! It was an absolute privilege to not only witness your wedding day, but be trusted to capture your most treasured moments.

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