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5 reasons why to have a wedding album printed

Well let’s just start with the fact that you should be printing in general. In my opinion, every holiday, weekend adventure, and family event should mean a few images get printed. Even if they are just cheap prints at your local print shop – but print your pictures people! Wedding pics, I would suggest getting professionally printed, but if you can’t afford it – make sure you still print some yourselves!

Here are my top 5 reasons why you should have a wedding album printed:

  • Your pictures are way more easily accessible!

Who hasn’t quickly grabbed their phone while talking about their friends wedding to show someone the pictures, but spent so long scrolling that by the time you have found the images, the conversation has moved onto a new topic?

And who actually takes the time to scroll through their images on their phone – and I mean all their images, even those taken 5 years ago that take about an hour of scrolling to get to!

  • High quality album construction, design & prints

While your shop bought or cheaper albums still do the job, your high end albums are worth the investment. The binding lasts longer, the prints wont fade, the album cover options are endless, and basically the benefits are endless too.

You will instantly notice when it’s a professionally designed album! They are just gorgeous, the album layout will just flow, the images will compliment each other and the colours through out will match and be consistent. All of this, and more, make viewing any professionally designed album an absolute pleasure.

Having your album professionally done also helps ensure that the image colour and contrast is consistent with what you see on screen so that you don’t have areas that are blown out (over white) or dark holes (over black) anywhere.

  • Great way to show future generations

Kids LOVE paging through albums! What a great way to share your special day with your children one day!

  • High Light Reel of the day

I love giving my clients as many shots of their wedding day as possible, because it’s a personal belief of mine that it’s all of those little moments added up that make the day so special. But, having said that, when we are showing friends and family pictures from our day, it’s great to have a smaller collection of the highlights of the day. Your album provides you with this collection.

  • Duplicate smaller copies are great for the bridal party, parents & grandparents

I have noticed that parents & grandparents absolutely love to have little mini versions of the couples main wedding album! It’s a great way for them to show off their children/grandchildren that they are so proud of. It’s also always nice to see the bridal party getting a copy so that they too can enjoy the memories made.

There are loads more reasons and I could go on for days, but these are just some of the top ones. Now go get your wedding album printed and let me know why you love it ;).


Do these 5 reasons why to have a wedding album printed still not convince you? Head on over to my Instagram page to see some album reviews.

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