Portraiture / 12 Mar 2020
Chewbacca & Leia at the Dog Park

Quick Update

Before I start telling you about my dog photography in the park; I don’t seem to have ever added to my website that we had another fur addition (Chewbacca’s addition was added here) to the family recently. So let me start by introducing Leia. Somehow they will know and believe that they truly are a princess. Little Leia, named after the Star Wars Princess Leia was adopted from the wonderful team at Vereeniging SPCA. From day one she was a bundle of exploding energy with just as much exploding attitude. If I’m 100% honest with you, I wasn’t at all the biggest fan of her for the first few months. She had teeth as sharp as nails that loved to nibble on ears, toes, fingers, what am I saying, she chewed anything she could get hold of. On top of that her nails, just as sharp, left long bloody streaks all over your body as this little bundle constantly jumped on you and tried to climb up you. We wont even get started on how determined she was to ALWAYS relieve herself on my carpets (when she wasn’t chewing them). Fast forward a few months and my entire attitude towards her had changed. She still has a huge attitude, but she is such a character. She loves to be center of attention. Cuddles and kisses are her thing. She is such a comfort dog.  If you have a blanket over you and she doesn’t – she will steal yours. She is very vocal – about everything. Food isn’t really her thing :/. Park walks are one of the highlights of her day. Her fur brother and human dad are her two favorites in the whole wide world.  Thats Leia, oh and as I mentioned – she thinks she is a princess.

Back to present time (sort of)

Moving on to the post I actually wanted to do: I am such an advocate for family and couple shoots – I’ve seen it in my own life where you go a year or two without having a picture with your partner, your parents or your best friends and I really find it devastating. We live in a world where death can happen to anyone at anytime. We also live in a world where people move away, they move overseas and sometimes sharing moments together in the same space isn’t a possibility. Sometimes photos are all we have to take us back to those moments when we were really together. So taking my own advice that I give so many of my clients, “take photos; take as many as you can and as often as you can. Make time for photos”. So on this day I made sure to take my camera down to the park with me, because these are moments I already enjoy looking back on and these are moments I already spend many hours flipping through and smiling at.  Note to self: Do more dog park photography with your dogs!   

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