Portraiture / 21 Nov 2017
Oli, Bella, Eddie and Lucy Dog Portraits
Oli, Bella, Eddie and Lucy Dog portraits all started when I met Bella a few months ago. She came to watch some hockey with her mom and I.

Meeting Bella

I am far to judgmental, but I saw a Rottweiler and I was instantly cautious. I had absolutely no need to be! Bella spent a large amount of the time casually sitting on my lap. Or more like half sitting on my lap since she is rather large. The rest of the time she was with the group of people sitting next to us giving everyone loves! She really is such a sweetie! Most of the time, when she isn’t dragging her mom down embankments. Which is what happened shortly after all the lap sitting and kisses and loves Bella was freely handing out.
The game had ended and we were on our way to the gate. Next thing Michaela was being dragged down the embankment. One minute she was walking next to me and the next she was half way down the embankment on her ass. Bella had seen another dog that was running around and had decided she wanted to go say hello. Bella unfortunately doesn’t realize just how strong she is and I’m sure didn’t even realize that she was dragging Michaela down the embankment. Although in Bellas’ defense, Michaela is seriously tiny. She is just one of those people who have an incredibly small build without an ounce of fat on her, I’m sure a yorkie could take Michaela for a little drag! We all got quite a fright at the time, but had a good laugh afterwards when both dogs were safely back with their owners.

Meeting Oli & Eddie

Oli, Like Eddie and Lucy, I met for the first time on the day of the Oli, Bella, Eddie and Lucy Dog Portraits shoot. But, I instantly loved him. He is obsessed with everything, all the time, and all at once! Like literally. He has this little tyre that he loves to play with and won’t let go of and can’t let out of his sight. But, he also loves people and wants to see what everyone is doing and get love from everyone all at once. So he sort of ends up trying to do it all, at the same time. Its very cute! We unfortunately realized though, that his obsession with his tyre supersedes his love for humans and attention when we managed to get his tyre away from him and placed it on a lap pole. That’s the only way we could get him to sit still for a few minutes while he would stare longingly at his tyre. He would then occasionally look our way if we called his name. And every now and again would run up to us to see what we were doing. He even tried to lick my camera a few times and I would only just manage to get it out of the way in time.
Little Eddie is the sweet little super well behaved one here. He would make sure he let Bella and Oli go first for pats and introductions. He made sure he got out the way when Oli was busy trying to rush around and be with everyone at once. But then, he would very sweetly come up and say hello and stick around for a good pat and some love.

Meeting Lucy

Eddie is the only one that can handle the two young boisterous ones, Bella and Oli, as well as be gentle enough to go through to where Lucy is kept. Lucy has her own area out of the way of the other two. Oli & Bella don’t quite seem to grasp the concept that Lucy is old and not able to keep up with their rough games. Lucy and Eddie clearly have a special bond and know each other well. Lucy was so happy to see Eddie and they even played with each other a bit, despite Lucys’ old age.
I might just be bias towards Labradors, but Lucy is just the best! She is so friendly and just wants people and love. And such a happy dog! She was so happy to have a new human come visit her and give her loves. I swear she was smiling. Maybe she always looks this happy. I love the pics I got of her in the short time we were with her taking pics.
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