Portraiture / 17 Jan 2017
Mienkie, Marley & Kenobi Dog Portraits

We were lucky enough to be trusted to look after theses 3 gorgeous dogs for a week while their owners went overseas. So of course we did Mienkie, Marley & Kenobi Dog Portraits. 

Professional models are so much easier to photograph!

Trying to take pictures of these three really made me appreciate my little jack Russell. He has a great tolerance for sitting and posing for as long as I want! These 3 are so active and clearly haven’t grown up with a camera constantly being pointed at them!

Little Mienkie was so afraid every time I pointed the camera at her that she would take off and hide!

Marley was also not too convinced about this whole photo shoot idea. But she got used to the camera pointed at her after awhile. Until the shutter would go and the noise would scare her and send her running. Luckily I have some tricks up my sleeve for dog portraits and so I would get a second or two to take a few pictures.

Kenobi on the other hand soon realised that staying around us meant he would get treats. However instead of running away he just didn’t stop running around us. He would hear a noise and run for it. A leaf would fall and he would run after it. The sun would go behind a cloud and he would run around trying to figure out what was happening. Basically he just didn’t stop running. Or jumping for treats when those were out. But he is such a cutie! And wow does he not leave you alone. For the week we looked after him he probably was not away from us for longer than two minutes. It was rather cute.

And little Marley has to be the biggest cuddle monster I have ever met! She will come up to you and rub herself against you and put her little head in your neck or give you kisses until you cuddled and played with her. Such a sweetie.

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