Portraiture / 19 Jan 2020
Look who came for a dog photoshoot! World, meet Finn. Dog lying on grass with tongue out At the time of this dog photoshoot, so quite some time ago, Finn had recently joined the Silber household. Their previous fur-kid had sadly crossed over the rainbow bridge, and the family realized how empty a home is without a buddle of fur joy. I have lived without fur kids before, so completely understand this feeling! Imagine having to go to the toilet without having a dog follow you and sit at your feet? Or arriving home and not have a hairy someone overjoyed to see you – even if you were only gone for a few minutes? What do non fur parents do without a furry hot water bottle to cuddle up to in winter?  We don’t really know Finns background. Just like my lab, Finn was adopted from the amazing people at Labrador Rescue. So far what we do know he loves is chewing, playing with friends at the park, playing soccer, cuddles, and of course, his new family. Oh, and if you look at the first picture in this post, sticking his tongue out too!   Dog being held by girl with pink flowers behind     Do you have a furkid/furkids you would like to have photographed? Contact us now to make a booking. Or pop over here or here to see some of our other dog shoots. 

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