Portraiture / 10 Jul 2019
We got a dog – Choccy / Chewbacca

We got a dog! His name is Choccy (being renamed to Chewbacca) and here are some pics from his first day in his new home!

I try not to do too many personal posts, but this one I just have to. Those of you who know me know how besotted I am with all animals. Especially dogs. And those of you who are regular blog readers, facebook follows, Instagram follows are sure to have seen the numerous dog portraits I do. And now, once again, I have my own four legged best friend. He is a wonderful 10 month old Labrador who we adopted from the incredible people at Labrador Rescue. Choccy/Chewbacca is full of energy, full of love and the sweetest guy I know! He’s also pretty photogenic. So, get ready to have your feed blown up with dog shots 🙂

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