Portraiture / 13 Jul 2016
Sally & Roxy Dog Portraits

Meeting Sweet Sally

I met beautiful Sally about 4 years ago. But by met, I mean I saw her, usually her bum as she ran away from me. She was one of the shyest little creatures I have met.

I have since spent a lot more time with her and seen how she has just matured, come out of her shell and turned out to be quite the character. Her and I have developed a special bond and absolutely love each other. So much so that every time she sees me she comes running. But, also leaves a trail of pee behind her as she just couldn’t contain in her excitement. It’s the cutest thing ever! Slightly gross, but, so cute when you on the receiving end of such love.

Unfortunately, such love makes taking pictures a bit difficult. As much as I love having her cuddle up to me and come for pats and ear rubs, such close contact doesn’t work with a camera. We had some fun running around together, but taking a shot while I am mid stride gets difficult. Especially for someone like me who somehow lost the multitasking gene.


Sweet Princess Roxy

Little Roxy is a very much a princess. She gets her dinner served to her in bed. Drinks her water out of fine china. Has roast chicken for dinner (Not homemade – it has to be from Woolies). So, she was horrified that we dare take her out the comfort of her home and put her down on wet grass outside. She had also just recently has an op to remove a growth under her eye and was feeling incredibly sorry for herself.

We ran around a bit, but more to try get her to stop running to any person for love. But it didn’t last long. And she has the ability to not only give you a very sad face but also a very dirty look if you decide to try ask her to do something she doesn’t want to do. And running isn’t really her thing! After a few minutes she decided we were all slightly crazy and she didn’t want to be involved. She pranced up the stairs and sat watching us play outside from the safety of her castle.


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