Rita’s 40 over 40 Campaign
17 Oct 2023

From the moment I met up with Rita for the 40 over 40 campaign I knew we were going to hit it off. And I instantly knew just how incredible

Talya & Ty’s Engagement Portrait Session
17 Apr 2023

Talya and Ty are getting married in just a few months time. But before we meet up again on this special day of theirs, we met up to capture some

Michelle & Wikus’s Engagement Shoot
05 Jan 2022

Like 99.9% of my shoots, Michelle & Wikus's Engagement Shoot started out with me having two nervous people in front of my lens. This is actually one of my favourite

Jolandi & Wiehan’s Engagement Shoot
05 Aug 2021

Jolandi & Wiehan's engagement shoot started quite a bit earlier than I normally book shoots. But between Covid19 regulations and the riots I wasn't going to risk anything. Since Jolandi

Devon & Bernard’s Wedding Shoot
26 Apr 2021

I had such a fun time at Devon & Bernard's Wedding Shoot! I'm pretty sure I say this on every single blog post, but I always land up with the

Daleen & James’s Engagement Shoot
17 Feb 2021

Cyclone Eloise Daleen & James's engagement shoot was a bit touch and go! Here's why: Daleen & James are farmers, so they are super outdoorsy. Their shoot needed to be

Kimi & Dom’s Wedding Shoot
03 Aug 2020

Kimi & Dom's Wedding Shoot was my first post Covid19 shoot!  Here are some of learnings from it - Wearing a mask while shooting is a challenge. I breath out

Sam & Tyrone
07 Dec 2015

So this is a really late post, but its one I definitely can’t just skip! Sam and I have known each other and been friends for years! (Wow I’m getting

Luciano & Georgia
06 Dec 2015

These are the same people I’v mentioned a few times before in previous posts and the same people I took quad biking pics with. Georgia and I had become really