Kimi & Dom’s Wedding Shoot

Kimi & Dom’s Wedding Shoot was my first post Covid19 shoot! 

Here are some of learnings from it

– Wearing a mask while shooting is a challenge. I breath out every time I lift my camera so that by the time I am ready to take the shot I am perfectly still. But when you do this with a mask on, your view finder mists up. Note to self: Don’t breathe!

– No contact is a challenge. I am so used to just reaching out and fixing a stray hair, fixing a dress or moving a hand.

But those are the negatives, here are the positives:

– People are super helpful! When we were arranging this shoot parks were still closed. I love shooting at Randpark Golf Club, so thought I would try my luck and just ask them if I could shoot there. They said yes! But, that’s not all. I had the most helpful staff members show me around and advise how to avoid distracting any golfers.

– People are great! I 100% consider myself an introvert, but my goodness was it good to get out the house and see, and speak to other human beings!

– I can safely do my job! Yes, there are a few things I need to get used to, and change, but I can make those changes and still safely keep 2m away from my clients at all times.

– I really love taking photos! I’ve known this all along, but it’s nice to get a reminder. I have been taking photos at home, but just a quick few here and there – nothing to really get that fire roaring in my tummy the same way Kimi & Dom’s Wedding Shoot did.

How do I always get the best people??

It feels like I write this line every time I blog, but I somehow always get the best clients. I could not have dreamed of having two better people (and a dog) than Kimi, Dom & Shango to go back to shooting after such a long time in lockdown. They are not just stunning people, but they are two of the nicest humans! And Shango is the goodest good boy! 


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