Couple Shoots, Portraiture / 05 Aug 2021
Jolandi & Wiehan’s Engagement Shoot

Jolandi & Wiehan’s engagement shoot started quite a bit earlier than I normally book shoots. But between Covid19 regulations and the riots I wasn’t going to risk anything. Since Jolandi and Wiehan were driving through to Johannesburg from Pretoria, I also wanted to try and ensure they would at least be driving back in daylight. And so the shoot was planned during “harsh lighting conditions”

I am always up for a challenge. So when I started out with photography, I learnt that shooting in “harsh lighting conditions” was a no-no. Of course I refused to accept that. To me it just meant I had to learn more. And this shoot definitely hasn’t been the first time this attitude has benefited me.

Getting my shoot on

And so while the sun was still high and beating down on us, I got my shoot on. I started like I always do, just simply getting my couple to stand together and taking a few shots. All while gauging just how comfortable they are in front of the camera, and just how much instruction around posing they want. This is one of my favourite parts of the shoots. Whenever I meet a couple, or anyone I’m about to photograph, they always tell me how they are nervous to have pictures taken, because they don’t know how to pose.

Every time I ask a couple to go and stand in front of me they freeze. And I can see it before my eyes. One minute you have a completely nervous couple and as I start posing them they just completely relax. I haven’t quite figured out where this belief comes from but I feel like everyone thinks that everyone else just knows how to pose. And how to be natural in photographs. Well I have some news for you out there. Nobody is just photogenic Nobody just knows how to pose. This thing about being natural in front of camera is all a learnt skill. And as a photographer I know that most couples don’t have the skill. That is why you hire a professional. Not just to take good pictures but to show you how to stand so you can get great pictures.

Back to getting my shoot on

So here in front of me, I have these two lovely human beings. 2 minutes ago they looked terrified, and now they are looking completely relaxed and ready for some fun. My fire in my soul is roaring and I’m ready to take some of the best pictures this couple has ever seen of themselves. As always, I have a plan for exactly how the shoot should go, but suddenly along the way the light changes and I see something gorgeous. This normally goes something like “Oh my gosh, look at that tree”. And the couple will look out, ask if we are talking about the same tree and look very perplexed at my excitement. This shoot there were a number of those moments! And now, I think, just maybe, Jolandi & Wiehan know what pretty trees look like.

Location: Delta Park

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