Couple Shoots, Portraiture / 17 Apr 2023
Talya & Ty’s Engagement Portrait Session

Talya and Ty are getting married in just a few months time. But before we meet up again on this special day of theirs, we met up to capture some beautiful engagement portraits for them.

Being asked to capture someones wedding is always such an honour and privileged. But it’s even more so when one of them is a creative. Ty is also involved in the creative world. And it was such fun being able to geek out a bit (more than usual) while I was capturing them. And Talya is just lovely. She is the sweetest and nicest human being, who totally just went along with things while Ty and I geeked out. I’m so excited to capture their wedding for them later this year!

An Engagement Shoot

Why I love it

I seriously love doing engagement shoots before capturing a couples wedding. It’s a great way to get to know the couple better, and more importantly understand what sort of photos they want. Engagement shoots are loads of fun, we do all sorts of photos! From super posed, to a bit more documentary style. We do close ups and some super zoomed out shots. We do fun laughing photos, and more serious photos. There are the lovey dovey photos, and the more traditionally posed couple portraits. And when we sit down and go through your photos after your session, it’s very clear to me what you are more drawn to.

And then I know exactly what to focus on on your wedding day, so that every photo we taken on your day is magical to you.

Why you should love engagement shoots too

These engagement sessions are a great way for you to get to know me. And how I am going to work with you. You will find out very quickly that you have absolutely nothing to worry. I know that 99% of you have no clue how to pose and what to do in front of a camera. And you will instantly see during your portrait session, that this is something I take care of and guide you through every step of the way. You have nothing to worry about.

During Talya & Ty Engagement Portrait Session I learnt that Talya is an absolute rockstar in front of the camera. She loved it there. And she should – she’s absolutely gorgeous! But not everybody does love being photographed, so engagement sessions become even more important if you don’t enjoy having your portrait taken.

Location: Delta Park, Johannesburg


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