Kirsten’s Personal Branding
Meet Kirsten. What does she do? Why does she want to help you? And how can she help you? 

Why did you start your business?

I am a co-founder of  Zestly life and my one on one coaching business KH Integrative Coaching is to help woman be empowered and realise that they are good enough, no matter the label you find for yourself in this world – Business woman, mom, sister whoever you are, you are enough. 

Who can benefit the most from your different businesses?

Zestlylife  is more moms and group work focused – pre and post natal. KH Integrative coaching is for anyone one on one as well as relationship coaching. 

Who would benefit the most from following you on social media to find out more?

Women and Moms for sure – Zestlylife is a community of like minded moms who come together to share each others stories. 
I also am extremely passionate about relationship coaching and helping and guiding couples to a deeper, more real connection. 

Here are some of the places you can find Kirsten:

KH Integrative Coaching Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kirstenhay_sa/
KH Integrative Coaching Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KirstenHay.SA

What have been some of your biggest achievements and why?

Following my passion into helping people, I have a deep desire to serve and assist people, I love to uplift and motivate people to know and believe in themselves, so for me my biggest achievement would have been to have left the corporate world and followed a passion of mine, having completed my studies taking that leap. – and launching our Zestlylife podcast – this was fun

Who have you helped the most since starting your business? How have you helped them? How does the show how you can help others?

 I have helped a majority of people but the most important I would have to say is myself, I have helped myself to realise my passion, through my coaching and skills I have helped myself tremendously in believing in myself, getting rid of diet culture and doing away with the stress factor of daily life and rather be gentle on myself and live in the now. I firmly believe when my soul is nourished I can truly shine and uplift inspire and motivate anyone.

Kirstens Portrait Session

Beautiful Kirsten and I had been chatting about her coming to me for personal branding photos for some time. Without going into too much detail, basically Kirsten wasn’t 100% convinced on the whole concept of personal branding. Until someone made a comment to her and suddenly everything I had told her made 100% sense.  That is kind of the thing about what I do. So often you don’t even realise who you are turning away as clients. And I don’t mean intentionally telling them to go find someone else. I mean by not being intentional in how you portray yourself. In not being intentional about the content and the images you put on your social media. And if you are not even appearing to be even vaguely who/what they are looking for, they never even get to the point of reaching out to you, for you to choose if they are your ideal client or not. Lucky for Kirsten, her friend made a comment. She realised where she was going wrong. And she immediately phoned me to fix the problem. 

Your Portrait Session 

So I obviously don’t recommend you wait until someone makes a comment and you suddenly realise you have been missing out on a whole group of potential customers before you reach out to me. Let’s have a chat and find out if you could benefit from having a session just like Kirsten’s Personal Branding session. 

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