Vanessa Personal Branding Portraits

Vanessa came to me last year to get some fresh and attractive personal branding portraits done. Like I do with all my clients, we sat down together and went over exactly what she was looking to get out of this portrait session. Based on her answers I tailor structured her portrait session specifically to her.

  • I helped her pick out exactly what to wear
  • I advised her on how she could better prepare for her portrait session
  • When she got to my studio my fabulous make up artist and hair stylist, Jess, helped do her hair and make up in a way that she, Vanessa, would love
  • I guided her every step of the way through her poses so that she could look and feel incredible
  • I choose which background to use with which outfits and which poses to best convey the message we had discussed
  • And based on how Vanessa spoke about herself I photographed her to highlight all her absolutely incredible features.


I do this for every single one of you! I customise my shoots specifically for you.  And photograph you to ensure that what you love about yourself is the focus of the photos. During the shoot, and later when you come back in to see your photos, I see how you fall in love with yourself when you simply can’t see anything to criticise. It’s amazing. It’s incredible and I know it’s even more amazing and incredible for you lovely ladies who get to experience this.


I met Vanessa a number of years ago and we hit it off immediately. After awhile life happened and we lost touch. But when we caught up again, it was like no time had passed at all, and we instantly picked up where we left off.

I’ve always been so impressed by how driven Vanessa is, and how, no matter what life throws at her she always seems to just take it in her stride. When we reconnected Vanessa was running someones else’s tech support for payroll systems company. When we were out once, one of her clients phoned her in a panic with a payroll system that was glitching. And I saw how much this skill Vanessa has helped her in business. It was incredible to watch how quickly she calmed down a panicked client, while assessing and coming up with a solution for the problem.

So when Vanessa phoned me to ask me to please do her portraits for her own business I was over the moon for her! And so excited to be chosen to capture her branding photos for her to help grow her very own payroll business.

Vanessa’s Q & A


Having already built up a business before, and now getting to build up your very own business, what would your tip business tip be to others doing this for the first time?

Focus on the reason you started your business, and outsource everything else. A plumber should focus on plumbing. Spend as much time as you possibly can doing the income generating side of your business, and don’t get bogged down by the admin side.

Sales, Sales, Sales!


What has been the biggest life lesson you have learnt in the past 20 years?

“Not everyone wants to see you succeed, even if they say they do.

Excessive growth means sacrifice and it’s often those closest to you grow apart from. When this happened to me, I was sad to be losing those I love, but grateful to be able to spend more money, time and energy on those who appreciate it.

You never know someone, no matter how much time you have spent together, and situations that show you who is loyal to you are invaluable.”


What do you wish you knew before starting a business?

“I wish I knew about the pressure! When you start, you have a very short period of time before the capital runs out and you have to rely on the sales to carry you over. This is the most critical time to spend on making sales and generating income.”


If you could go back and chat to your 18 year old self what would you tell her.

“I would tell her to focus more on building relationships with high value people. Forget the “jols” for now. The real fun ones come later after the money has been made.

And take the medication that you are prescribed!”


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