Orca Media Group’s Portraits

Orca media group are a community media advertising agency. And although they specialise in the community radio space, they know how important photos are. And thats where I came in! This incredible group of people, needed some incredible photos.


Tshepi’s portraits 

Tshepi heads up this team and is the driving force behind the business. So of course we needed to spend more time with her, working on her personal branding portraits and making sure we had photos that accurately portrayed her. Tshepi, like so so many of my clients, was so worried about having her photo taken. We had a long chat during our consultation and while getting to learn more about Tshepi, I learnt more about why she doesn’t like to be photographed. The consultation is one of my favourite parts of the portrait experience. I learn so much about everyone. But learning why you don’t like to be photographed is important to me. It means I can shift how I work with you to ensure that when you come in for your portraits – it’s an unforgettably fun experience.

And that’s exactly what happened with Tshepi’s portrait session, and gosh we had such a blast. Each time I showed Tshepi the photos on my camera she was blown away, and within the first 5 minutes of the session I could see her relax into the process and start enjoying it. 


The power of a photo

There’s something really special about that moment when people relax and let their guard down in front of you while you have a camera pointed at them. It’s an incredibly vulnerable space to be in, sitting in front of a camera. Your photographer has the power to make you feel like sh*t, or to blow you away. And being able to blow people away with their own beauty is such an incredible feeling. Seeing these incredible humans start believing in themselves, valuing themselves and even loving themselves, is absolute food for my soul. And this portrait session with Tshepi was exactly that. 

I arrived there on the day of the portrait session to a lady who was terrified and so nervous to see herself, and by the time I left she was standing taller, her smile had grown, and you could feel the shift within her. 

Gosh I love my job! 

The rest of the crew

Tshepi wasn’t the only one to be photographed that day. Her whole team needed an updated portrait, and I spent the better part of the day taking each of her team members through the same process. Helping each and everyone see how incredible they are. 

Do you and your team need updated portraits? 

Let’s chat and see how I can help you:

Or go read some more about my portrait sessions here.

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