Sharon’s Family Portraits

Sharon was just about to welcome their newest addition to their family when she reached out to me for family portraits. When I got over my shock and sheer admiration for this incredible lady – I quickly got down to planning with her. She had a range of photos that she wanted. And of course, with the shoot being once she had her newborn baby, we had to make things as easy as possible for her.

Here’s just two of the ways we made sure that this family portrait session would be as easy for Sharon and her family as possible.

  • We arranged for my hair and make up artist to go through to Sharons house for the portrait session.
  • I also packed up my whole studio set up, took it to Sharons house and re-set it up, so she and the newborn wouldn’t even need to leave home.

And once we had captured all the beautiful portraits that we wanted and needed, we quickly packed everything up again, so that Sharon and the newborn could get some rest!

When last did you update your family portraits

It seems like many people are nervous of being photographed. But the good news is, that is why I am here. To help and guide you through the process. And to help you have the most incredible experience. As well as leave with a collection of photos that you absolutely love!

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