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Ashton & Andrews Wedding
Ashton & Andrews Wedding was my absolute favorite wedding ever! But then again I think this is my opening line for every blog post… 

Day 1 – Arriving at the lodge

Oh how I love away weddings! And this one in Nambiti Game Park!! Eeeeek <3
My introduction to Lions Valley Lodge was one of my favorite wild animals right up close. We had just taken a drive up to the absolutely break taking spot where the ceremony was going to take place and then around to see where I would like to take photos after the ceremony. When we got back to lodge we find a giraffe at the dam right in front of the lodge.
The guests haven’t arrived yet and I had finished doing all the necessary pre planning and exploring. So I got a chance to sit with a hot cup of tea watching (and of course taking pics) of the stunning giraffe.
After the guests have arrived and eaten we headed out for a sunset/night drive! Within a few minutes we saw an elephant! The sun set and we were in pitch darkness. When, suddenly, we come across 3 lion sleeping in the grass. They blended into the grass so well that they were barely visible even when a spot light was shining on them.
With an eventful evening and a tummy full of delicious food I headed off to bed. I so ready and excited for a super busy wedding the next day.

The wedding day

Ashton & Andrews Wedding Morning Prep and Adventures
My day started with an early morning game drive and tea and rusks out in the bush! Did I mention how lucky I am to be a wedding photographer?
We got back to the lodge to a warm breakfast I quickly shoveled down before the guys got back. I had to eat fast and quickly get my camera and I ready to head out through the park again to go clay pigeon shooting.
The guys manage to shoot a ton of these flying orange ‘pigeons’! And after being convinced to try it out I successfully managed to shoot a still water bottle about 50m in front of me – on my second attempt…
With my ears ringing, but feeling very proud of myself I headed off to the bride to photograph her getting ready. I arrived to learn we were slightly behind schedule. The bride got stuck in her room when an elephant decided to feed too close to her room. He was too close to her to leave safely and get down to the lodge where she was to get ready.
She eventually got out her room and safely down to the lodge and proceeded to get ready.
With no more elephant blocking our way we headed off up the hill to Ashton & Andrews wedding ceremony!
The Ceremony
Ashton & Andrews wedding ceremony was stunning! Imagine this. You are at the top of the hill. The bride & groom stand closish to the edge, with a backdrop of the park and the setting sun behind them.
With the ceremony over we headed off for the couple shoot … which was temporarily interrupted after a bee decided to sting the poor bride :/
The newly married couple were welcomed back to the lodge by the staff members dancing in front of a beautiful african sunset
After some beautiful speeches and a delicious meal I ended off the evening with some night shots with the couple and their guests.
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