Weddings / 31 Mar 2016
Isaac & Leah’s Wedding

Before the brides arrival

I arrived at the house for Isaac & Leah’s wedding welcoming and I found a beautifully decorated reception area and a very very very relaxed Isaac casually socialising and chatting to friends while he waited for his wife.

So, I started photographing all the decor as well as the small details that went into making the place look amazing.


After having photographed all the decor I started trying to sneak up on people to get some casual natural shots. Some of them relaxing, chatting and just having a good time.

Unfortunately, apparently I’m not too good at sneaking up on people and most of the time I got caught mid shot.

Luckily I managed to get away with a few shots 😀

As time for Leah to arrive drew nearer, Isaac decided he had better go get dressed into his formal attire.  Just so that we could have time to do a few photos of him and then wait for Leahs’ arrival… Well actually Isaac didn’t decide… Isaac tried to get out of having any photos taken, but was eventually persuaded!

Leah’s arrival!

Now this part I have to tell you a bit about…

Leah had parked around the corner and Isaac and the guests were going to go meet her and bring her back to the house where she would be welcomed into the home.

So that is what I was told, and that’s normal, right? Well not quite.

Leah’s Incredible Arrival

These amazing people didn’t just walk around the corner, which I should add was about 800m away from the house. She needed to be welcomed in. The danced and sang the entire way down the street. From the house all the way to where Leah was just around the corner. Then they danced and sang some more! And a little more!

 Then they turned around and danced and sang the whole way back! It was incredible! I got goose bumps watching it! But I also got mighty exhausted taking all the pics and I wasn’t even the one dancing and singing the whole way up and down the street!



So they danced and sang all the way to the house. And then went past the house and then turned around and danced and sang some more! By this time I had worked up a sweat!!


And after all that hard work Leah was welcomed into the family! <3

    Decor by: Ma.tshwane Decor – 082 773 4373  

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