Portraiture / 17 Jun 2016
Nicola & Francois Couple Shoot

Every shoot I do is a reminder of why photography is my passion. But Nicola & Francois Couple Shoot was a special reminder.

For those of you who don’t know why I leap out of bed each morning and why I love what I do here’s a bit of inside info:

I choose photography because it’s a gift to be able to capture someone and show them how the world sees them. I find so often peoples persona insecurities are never even noticed by others. And my photography offers me the perfect opportunity to show others just beautiful they are. How the rest of the world sees how beautiful they are. Even with their personal insecurities, they are still beautiful to the world.

My wedding photography incorporates that too. But, I also choose wedding photography because of my complete love and almost obsession with love. I can’t help but smile and feel my heart warm when I see the love in two peoples eyes when they look at each other. The way they so naturally hold each other and lean towards each other.  And the smiles that one gets so easily from their partner.

Nicola and Francois were just one of those couples that left me smiling and with a heart so warm. Their love for each other was so evident and so pure I couldn’t help but just adore the couple.

Of course the beautiful setting, at Pretoria Botanical Gardens,  and the amazing golden sunshine also tickled my heart and helped put me into my happy bubble.

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