Portraiture / 19 May 2016
Sandra & Paul’s Couple Shoot

Fun and laughter on the shoot

I realised I had an absolute ball on Sandra & Paul’s Couple Shoot. But, only when I started going through the images  did I realise how much fun they were having too. They were in hysterics half the time! This is something I often find when going through my photos later on. And it’s also something many couples feed back to me. They love their shoots because not only did they get great images, but they had loads of fun too. And of course, there is nothing I love more than knowing a couple had fun. I then I get home and find out they had loads and loads of fun on a shoot.

Love story time <3

So, as with every couple I photograph, I got Sandra and Paul to tell me their love story and how they met. I love hearing a couples love story! It started out as just being a cool way to get to know the couple I am photographing. But, it has turned into so much more. I am often able to incorporate something about how they met or something special about their relationship into a shoot that I do. This makes it extra special and extra personal to the couple. 

Sandra & Paul met each other, and were friends, when they were still in school. But they lost contact after matriculating and each of them went on in their separate lives. Until one day Paul invited Sandra on Facebook and they got chatting!

They decided to meet up! Sandra invited Paul along to join her and some of her other friends. This group of friends regularly meet up to go hiking or exploring or do some sort of activity as a group. Paul started joining this group more often. And of course Sandra and Paul got to know each other better. And as they did, they started to fall in love. <3

Now a few years later they are engaged to get married in a months time! 

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