Weddings / 06 Jan 2016
Siveshnee & Serandons Wedding Shoot

 These two humans are amazing!

Siveshnee & Serandons Wedding Shoot was amazing.

We started off on normal and safe terrain. But then I started getting cool ideas of amazing shots to do. Only problem was, some of these shots required venturing into not so normal and safe terrain. Places like along the side of a just burnt sugar cane field just so that I could get the light I wanted along with the background that I wanted. Then I made them go climb into the middle of a sugar cane field. I don’t think there is anything on earth I love more than people who are prepared to go along with me on my crazy ideas to get a shot I want. These types of people are just amazing – and these two were definitely those type!

Have a look at these images below – using bubbles at your wedding for your night shoot is a great idea if your venue doesn’t have any features that will “wow” a night shot. You could also use sparklers. Or of course, my favorite, fairy lights!


Images taken in the Scottburgh sugar cane fields.


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