Lindsay’s Personal Branding
03 Jan 2024

Come find out more about Lindsay's personal branding portrait session.   This incredible lady came to me primarily to get some updated portraits for herself in a professional capacity. So

Rita’s 40 over 40 Campaign
17 Oct 2023

From the moment I met up with Rita for the 40 over 40 campaign I knew we were going to hit it off. And I instantly knew just how incredible

Sharon’s Family Portraits
02 Oct 2023

Sharon was just about to welcome their newest addition to their family when she reached out to me for family portraits. When I got over my shock and sheer admiration

Family Portrait Session
11 May 2023

This right here is why I feel so strongly that every family needs to have a family portrait session every few years.  Who wouldn't want photos like this of their

The Shuttleworth’s Family Portraits
11 Nov 2022

Veronika and I had planned The Shuttleworth's Family Portraits quite a few weeks before. But there were a few things that had to all come together at the same time.

Zwonnikoff Family Emigration Portrait Session
17 Oct 2022

The lovely Zwonnikoff family are emigrating, but before they leave they made sure they got together and had a family portrait session in South Africa. We had loads of fun

Sarah’s Family Portrait Session
28 Mar 2022

Sarah's family portrait session turned into a bit of a wilder ride than we anticipated. Sarah reached out to me wanting family photos done before the family was to emigrate.

Elvio, Aleandro & Lorenzo Family Portraits
15 Mar 2022

  Elvio and his boys were an absolute hoot to work with. Aleandro and Lorenzo are not only the most polite and well mannered boys, but they are also the

Pillay Family Portrait Session
25 Jan 2022

The Pillay family reached out to me mainly to photograph Stella. Stella was the family dog (child) who had been with them for years. Unfortunately Stella was ageing and not