Family Shoots, Portraiture / 17 Oct 2022
Zwonnikoff Family Emigration Portrait Session

The lovely Zwonnikoff family are emigrating, but before they leave they made sure they got together and had a family portrait session in South Africa.

We had loads of fun during this portrait session, but there is something I really want to chat about:

If you are emigrating, do a portrait session before you go!

I know there is always a ton of stuff that needs to be done before you leave. But I really recommend adding a family portrait session to that list. These photos will be cherished by you as well as any family and friends that you leave behind.

An even better idea than just having photos with your partner and kids, is to invite all your family. Yes, it will be a super emotional portrait session. But those are photos that will be cherished for years and years! Those are the photos that just gain more and more value as time goes on.

And then try make it a tradition, every time you go and visit home, or your family goes over and visits you – book a professional portrait session. Be intentional about getting photos of everyone together. And moms, I know you. I know how you are the ones making sure you get these photos and so usually you are the one taking these photos – but that means you are not in them. Make a point of being in the photos!


Are you emigrating soon and need a portrait session like the Zwonnikoff Family Emigration Portrait Session? Or maybe you have already emigrated and will be coming back to visit your friends and family soon. Pop me a mail and let’s plan your portrait session! I would love to create some capture some beautiful photos for you and your friends and family to cherish for years to come.

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