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Terence came to me looking to get updated personal branding photos for his business, Rich Ideas. I photographed Terence years ago – but, well, it was years ago. That photo had aged. And he needed new, fresh, intentional photos.

The team at Rich Ideas are on a mission to seriously help people with their finances. “We are a client focused, fee based financial planning business. This means we focus on our clients and not on selling products.”

I have known Terence since before he started Rich Ideas. I still remember the first time Terence told me he was going to go out on his own and start his own business. A business where he can really make a difference to peoples lives. And every time I have seen Terence since, and we talk about business, Terence shares with me how he has shifted to add even more value to his clients lives. This time we spoke, Terence was telling me about his podcast he was starting – a great way to help people learn from experts in their respective industries.

But, that’s enough from me. Here are some of the questions I asked Terence along with his replies:


The positive impact we have on our clients financial futures, by providing ongoing education, empowerment and certainty.


Cause we love coffee and we help you make sense of all the complexity in the financial services spaces. We do this by working with you, NOT an insurance company, to ensure your goals and needs are met.


When times get tough, always go back to your WHY and let that ground you and strength your focus.


Systems and Processes are for every business and especially key when starting out. Pay a professional to help you get things done right so when you grow and scale, the foundations are solid.


Providing more financial literacy and empowerment to ladies, moms, aunts and grannies. Too many think their male counterpart has taken care of things, when they actually haven’t.


Young families who want to ensure that their children’s’ future will be bright, whilst looking after themselves at the same time.


Salome Nel, my business partner and fellow financial planner. She has been with me for over 6 years, through all our struggles and successes. Together we are an amazing team.
“We believe your financial future is up to you to take control of and want to help as many people as we can to ensure it is a bright and wonderful future.”


If you are in need of some new personal branding portraits, reach out.

Let me help you. 

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