Simone’s Maternity Session

How absolutely incredible is the human body! And how absolutely incredible is Simone. 

Knowing that Simone didn’t want to spend too much time and energy at her maternity session, we planned out this session down to every detail before hand. We planned the outfits and the different looks we wanted and on the day we breezed through them. We wanted a wide variety of photos, and we made sure we spent enough time making sure we nailed each look before moving onto the next. And in the end Simone got to walk away with such a lovely wide range of beautiful maternity photos. 


And before we wrapped up the shoot we used a loose piece of fabric to have some fun and create some extra striking images for Simone.


If you too would like a portrait session just like Simone’s Maternity Session, fill out the form below (or click here) and let’s create magic together!

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