Jodie’s Personal Branding Session

Before I start telling you anything about Jodies’ branding session, I need to tell you a bit more about Jodie. She is no average human being.

I was lucky enough to be at track on the day Jodie first joined our running group. I, as always, was happy to pace the newbie. Wait we need a quick slight diversion.

Our running group – and training around a track

Track – it’s one of the best and worst places on earth. But one of my absolute favourite things about it is how you see people transform.

Jodie was just one of the many I have seen transform going around and around and around in circles.  Coach Michelle, our running coach, is truly talented, but she makes us work. Hard!

It starts off with small distances around the track at paces we never dreamed we could reach. And then we move on up to 5km races at mind blowing paces (mind blowing for each of us). And then we move up to 10km, 15km, 21km, 35km etc. We are all on our own missions to improve ourselves and see how far and how fast our legs can take us. But we all seem to under estimate ourselves.

Then suddenly we get an updated program with an updated goal. And although we often think it is insane, we trust our coach enough to give it our all and at least try. Then, somehow, by some magic, we hit that goal. And the faster next goal. Then the even faster next goal. And as the times improve you see these runners getting stronger physically. But the best part is how you see them getting stronger mentally!

Back to Jodie

Then sometimes you get a runner join and they are already mentally strong as an ox. Jodie was one of them. She had only been to a number of track sessions before the track training closed for the year and we all went our separate ways for the end of year holidays. Jodie was going overseas that year. So Coach Michelle gave her her program and told her to get in the runs that she could, when she could. So what most of us do when we hear that is put our feet up and plan to return to running in the new year. Not Jodie. Jodie jetted off to Australia. Australia was burning, it was that year where like the whole of Australia was on fire. But Jodie ran. She told us about the heat she could feel from the insane fires, but she still got out there and ran.

It was only a few weeks later when I was standing at the end of a marathon and I got to cheer Jodie in as she smashed her marathon PB (personal best). And not only has she continued to smash PB’s since, but she has helped so many of the rest of us smash ours.

Jodie, always the willing helping hand

We have a huge group of runners. And I would be lying if I said I knew them all. But I’m sure if you asked any of them who Jodie is, they would be able to tell you. And they would probably go on to tell you a way that Jodie has helped them. Whether it’s by seconding them in a race, running with them in a race or even just a morning run, organising the transport to a race, or just being there to listen to them – Jodie is always, ALWAYS the first to step up and help anyone.


Jodie & her personal branding session

Like most people, Jodie isn’t a fan of being in front of a camera. And like 99.9% of people, the first thing she said to me after telling me that she needed photos done, was that I would have to help her with posing and how to stand. I’m still trying to figure out where and when people started thinking that posing could possibly be their job instead of their photographers. Jodie was an absolute champ in front of the camera. She was of course a bit stiff and nervous initially (like everyone) but she soon relaxed and started easily following the posing directions I gave her. And I’m pretty sure I remember her telling me she actually had fun – most people do. I definitely do!

During Jodies’ wardrobe consult we selected a range of clothes so that she would have a variety of images to use. Perfect, since she was intending to use them across a range of different platforms. And at her shoot we went through her outfits, matching them with the backdrops that would suit the clothing as well as the platforms where she intended to use each image. We also had a load of fun going through all sorts of different poses and looks so that when she came to choosing which ones to use, she had a great variety of choices. These photographs here are the ones she ended up selecting:

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