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2022 Headshot Days

Nicole Borbely

The bookkeeping Ninja! Those are my words, not hers. She is way more formal, proper and humble to ever make such a statement.

Nicole has a passion for helping people and especially small businesses get their books sorted out. I don’t actually know how to put her into simple words. Because she is so much more. She is the kindest and sweetest human being. Give her a call or set up a meeting with her and you will see it too! 


Jo Borbely

Much the same way I’m on a mission with these few headshot days to get people to at the very least have a decent and professional photograph of themselves for their businesses, Jo is on a similar mission to just get everyone online. If you have no online presence, chat to Jo about how he can get a BeLinked profile going for you.

Of course this isn’t to say you shouldn’t have a website. It’s the same way having a single headshot is just the first step towards showing up well across your digital platforms. You should 100% be planning to add personal branding on at a later stage. And I’m sure if you chat to Jo, he will tell you, having a BeLinked profile is just step 1 towards having a solid digital presence.

But don’t just listen to me, reach out to him and get your BeLinked set up, and if you don’t yet have a website. Let him help you get one now! 



Sean MacFie

Runners in Johannesburg and South Africa, you will all know www.smacpix.co.za – the incredible sports photography company who is always at our races. 

Well, Meet Sean. You probably wont recognise him without a camera half obscuring his face, but this is the man who realised that runners actually really want pictures of themselves running, and not just a few, but a whole bunch, from every race! (Me included!)


What you might not know though, is that Sean is also part owner in another company MacMee Challenge, which hosts other sporting events that are just a load of fun (Be warned though, once you try them, you will be hooked!).

Francis Rogan


Meet Francis, JHBs best physio, at least in my opinion! 


I have been running with Francis for a few years now, and Francis is always full of tips and tricks on how to prevent injury or overdo training. She also came up with the best yoga/stretching routine we used to do before track years ago, that I still often use at home to this day. 


I have a huge thing against seeing physios or going for any form of treatment, but after ignoring advise, resulting in a niggle a few years ago I knew Francis was the best person to go see. We explored where my muscles were in good condition and where needed some work, and then even went as far as studying my running form and implementing some small adjustments to prevent the injury returning. 


I left Francis practice not only feeling a whole lot better, but also with a whole selection of exercises and tricks!


Lauren Rolfe


Meet Lauren – The bubbly & cheerful personal trainer. But don’t let that fool you, the lady will make you work & strengthen muscles you didn’t know even existed. 


As someone who despised strength training, but was forced to do it through lockdowns, I can vouch for how much value good strength training can help your running and I imagine any sport you are doing. This is of course besides all the general health and wellness benefits associated with being active.


The benefits of Laurens strength training are made even more obvious when you look at Laurens achievements. She has run and completed numerous Comrades Marathons as well as has a sub 25min 5km PB – I know this because she’s always way in front of me and I’m hitting speed wobbles to try catch her!


Lauren has recently also started helping our running group with their strength training, and I, for one, can’t wait to see their running go from strength to strength – Pun 100% intended!

Michelle Mee


Meet Michelle.
I actually have no clue how to put into words who Michelle is. She’s a running coach. A running coach extraordinaire. But that doesn’t even scratch the surface of who she really is and how much she, her coaching, and even the community of runners she attracts to her running group have changed my life.


Mich didn’t just teach me how to run significantly faster.
Just a bit of what she has taught me
  • First and biggest lesson – Stop finding excuses and just listen to the expert.
  • Showing up everyday and putting in smalls amounts of consistent effort lead to incredible growth and progress.
  • Sometimes (almost all the time) you have to ignore that voice in your head telling you you can’t, and just go and give it your best shot. You and your body are capable of SO much more than we realise.
  • There are times when you feel tired that it’s a sign to keep pushing, and there are times when you are tired that it’s a sign to rest. Knowing the difference isn’t always easy, but once you do, you need to listen. No matter how hard that might be.
  • How well you do in the big things and big races is all dependant on how well you can do in the small things and the small races. Give 100% at everything, even the small stuff!
  • Who you surround yourself with matters. There is nothing better than having a group of people who support you every step of the way. Who not only celebrate your victories with you, but who go out of their way to help you achieve those victories. And there is nothing that motivates you faster than seeing and being able to help others achieve their goals and break their own barriers.
And so much of this applies to life too…

Lorraine Kriel & Michelle MacFie

Meet Lorraine & Michelle from Lorraine Kriel Sports massage therapists 


I recently decided to go against my coaches advise and do some seriously stupid runs. The result was (not surprisingly) an injury. I realised I had to rest it, but was determined to avoid getting any form of treatment. #rookieerror


After a few months of no improvement my coach got quite firm with me when telling me to go see Lorraine. I had just re-learnt the all important lesson of shut up and listen to your coach, so I begrudgingly booked an appointment. I really wondered what Coach Mich thought a sports massage therapist could possibly do to help an achilles injury that hadn’t improved after extended rest. So I arrived with very low to no expectations. But Lorraine got to work, explaining what she was doing and why as she went along. And surprisingly it all seemed to make sense. She gave me the go ahead to go for a run that afternoon and advised I look into buying new shoes. 


I left feeling a whole lot better, but also still not 100% sold. So I laced up (in my old shoes) that afternoon and went out for a run. The first km felt so frikken good I thought there was a possibility of taking on Gerda Steyn in my not so distant future. The second km my lung started suffering, but my legs felt great. And the rest of the run my lungs burnt, and I started questioning if maybe I was insane and had actually never had an injury – how was it possible to go from hurting so much to no pain at all??


The next morning I bought my new shoes. And without jinxing myself, let’s just say the only time I have seen Lorraine since (besides the standard follow up appointment) is when on runs and to take her headshot!


Now Michelle, a ridiculously super speedy runner, has joined the team too! For all of you out there who haven’t yet learnt to listen to your coaches, save these guys details. You will be needing them 😉


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