Family Shoots, Portraiture / 15 Mar 2022
Elvio, Aleandro & Lorenzo Family Portraits


Elvio and his boys were an absolute hoot to work with. Aleandro and Lorenzo are not only the most polite and well mannered boys, but they are also the sweetest of brothers. Every time I started doing a few individual portraits of the one of them, the other one would be behind me busy dancing and fooling around doing everything and anything to get their brother into a fit of laughter. And then they would team up and do it together when it was their dads turn for photos!

Home family portraits for Elvio, Aleandro & Lorenzo

Instead of going to a location for this family portrait session, we did it at their house. This way I got a lovely range of photos of them all doing the things they love to do together. Like them playing pool in their little man cave and of course them playing some soccer – which I’m pretty sure was their favourite part of the entire portrait session. And then this way we also got to take some pictures of their fur family members. And some pictures of them with their fur family members.

I always love taking family photos. But while taking these guys family photos I was reminded of why I feel it’s so important for families to do this on a regular basis. It’s not just about you having pictures of your kids. It’s also about your kids having pictures of you. I barely have any pictures of my family from when I was young, and I so wish we had more. And once I got older and decided I wanted more, I started taking more – but I’m never in any of them. And at the time I thought I preferred it that way, but looking back, I really do wish I had more pictures that included me.



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