Weddings / 05 Jan 2016
Kerryn & Sean’s Wedding shoot

Kerryn & Sean’s Wedding shoot (at Riverplace Lodge) was just crazy cool. And so were Kerryn & Sean.

Avoiding Melting

We had to start our shoot in the room. Of course we had to get a few photos in here. But, more importantly we had to hide from the sun and the heat outside. It was a killer hot day – So after Kerryn had her hair and make up done she slowly got ready and then I slowly started doing some shots, trying to delay things a while so the day could cool down a bit and we could go outside without melting.

Still trying to avoid melting

I didn’t last too long trying to wait for the sun. I was super excited for this shoot and just wanted to get started, and make magic. So we decided we would start off in the shade because it would be cool. But, was definitely not cool, even in the shade. We did quite a few different poses here and even though I would have preferred to do the veil shot in the sun we came to the conclusion that shooting in the shade was the only way we were going to survive the day. So we played. Kerryn was super smart and decided to bring along her sister – who I think I am going to claim as my ninja assistant. So not only did I get to have super awesome help the whole shoot, I even got some behind the scenes shots for this shoot!

Braving the sun

After some time we came to the decision that we would just have to be brave and face the heat. Luckily the sun was on its way down and things were slowly starting to cool down.

Exploring and finding beautiful light

Besides suffering from the heat all was going well so we decided to venture off across the river and to this super gorgeous tree. I loved the tree and was even more impressed with the sun setting behind it.

Then I looked up and noticed this other epically insanely amazing tree. The tree was a bit further away, and with us being right by the river I knew I wouldn’t be able to direct them from the spot I wanted to shoot from. So I posed them and ran over to my tree. I instantly saw the picture I wanted. I still think that these few pictures through the tree are some of my favourite photos I have ever taken.



After my tree shot I thought I was pretty much done. We were losing light by the river fast and we had been shooting for quite some time, so we headed on back up the hill… up the hill…. where the sun was still shining. There was no way I could just stop shooting while the sun was still out. And it was looking fabulous! So I threw them into another big grass field and they posed some more. This is seriously one epic couple!

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