Weddings / 05 Jan 2016
Donna & Ricardo Wedding Shoot
Donna & Ricardo wedding shoot:

I went to school with these two! So getting to shoot some wedding pics of these two was crazy cool. And that dress of Donna’s was just super cool – just so so so her.




This was another one of the venues I had always hated. When I was just starting out I did most of my shoots either here or on the beach. I hated this venue though. I felt like I had used all the spots and that there wasn’t really anywhere I could shoot anymore. But when I went back I was shocked to discover that this place was actually incredibly amazing. There were tons of places I could still shoot and I couldn’t wait to start.

TamrynLowe-666 TamrynLowe-667 TamrynLowe-668 TamrynLowe-669 TamrynLowe-671

TamrynLowe-670 TamrynLowe-672 TamrynLowe-674 TamrynLowe-673

These two were epic, and game for pretty much everything – including lying in the grass in her wedding dress!


And then play time began when we took the flashes out. It was still light and not quite suitable for night portrait stuff yet, but I decided to play and use the same concept anyway, just include some natural light at the same time. It was absolutely loads of fun!!


Venue: TC Robertsons Nature Reserve

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