Michelle & Louis Matric Dance Shoot

Much like Shanie, whose matric dance shoot I shot the day before Michelle & Louis Matric Dance Shoot, Michelle just relaxed in front of my camera instantly. She perfected the art, almost instantly, of looking bold while still feminine and elegant in front of the lens. 

Although I have photographed many times at Pretoria Botanical Gardens, I still always like to get there early and walk around before a shoot. Part of the reason is to do a quick check to see if anything has changed or if there are any areas that I can no longer use. But, I also like to get an idea of where other people are. 

Not all of us are 100% comfortable in front of a camera. I, for one, would hate to have tons of people watching me have a shoot done. So I always go and do a scout around and see where is quite, if my clients are more like me. 

Michelle definitely didn’t have any concerns though. I was remarkably impressed by her self confidence. And how natural she was in front of the camera. Michelle also caught onto the posing tips and tricks I gave her instantly! I always love it when this happens. There are so many small things one can do to slightly alter how they appear in photos. These things all range drastically depending on what it is you want to change. But once you know a trick, and remember it, you can use forever and help improve all your photos. 

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