Corinne’s Personal Branding Portrait Session

From the first time I met Corinne and mentioned that I was a photographer to her, she has been wanting to come in for a personal branding shoot. And so when I did a wild crazy, once off thing last year and ran an insane special on my portrait sessions – Corinne was smart enough to grab one!

Corinne, like most of my clients (and most humans, me included), was nervous to have her photo taken. But during our consultation we went through all the details of how Corinne wanted to be photographed. As in, how she wanted to look for her business. What she loved (or didn’t love) about herself. What outfits she would feel great in that also fit her brand etc. As well as loads of other info, things like where she is going to use the photos so that we could photograph specifically for where she wants to use her photos. And we methodically put together a photoshoot plan.

By the time we booked in Corinne’s Personal Branding Portrait Session, I knew exactly what she wanted. And had her whole shoot planned out to get exactly what she wanted.

So on the day Corinne came in for her personal branding portrait session, all the planning had been done. And we just had a whole load of fun in the studio capturing how beautiful Corinne is.

Corinne’s personal branding portrait session experience:

So, generally during a portrait session, I will chat to my clients. I love finding out more about who they are, but also how they are feeling. I am generally pretty good at picking up even the slightest discomfort during a session. But I like to check in with my clients and hear them say how they are finding the experience. At one point during this portrait session while we were chatting, I checked in with Corinne on how she was feeling. And I loved how Corinne responded – And since my make up artist was super sharp (she always is, she’s incredible) picked up a phone and started recording you can see how Corinne was finding her portrait session:

Find out more about Corinne:

Corinne is a real estate agent or property practitioner and owns the company Changing Places Real Estate. Her motto is “We are the agency that cares about you” as the mission of Changing Places Real Estate is to make the buying, selling, letting and renting of real estate as cost effective as possible. All while maintaining the highest level of service at all times.

Changing Places is a dynamic, creative and exciting Agency offering quality service with a quirky image.


I asked Corinne some questions about her business and the work she does:

I would say client satisfaction. Seeing how satisfied my client is when I find them a good tenant as well as seeing how satisfied my tenant is when I find them a great place. This also goes for Sellers and Buyers; absolute satisfaction and excitement!

I am professional, & ethical. I put my Clients’ needs first; always ensuring they are fully satisfied. And I genuinely want the best for both my Client (Landlords and Sellers) as well as my Buyers and Tenants.

Don’t be People pleaser. Learn how to work ‘smarter’ rather and ‘harder.’ Over the last 17 years I have realised that not everyone is my client. Even when you go the extra mile for them all. The right clients will gravitate towards you and you will then be appreciated for all the effort you put into helping them. Others won’t appreciate you no matter how many hoops you jump through. Learning that I have to choose who I accept to work with. At the end of the day, competition doesn’t exist … my Clients will find me over and over again.

How to put up boundaries. As a people pleaser I would answer calls at all hours and learning to switch off and spend time with my family, to rest and recover has been a big lesson. I have learnt that in order to be the best agent I can be to my clients, I need to be able to have time off and not be available to everyone at all times.

Buyers & sellers. I help educate sellers on how I can help them and what I can do. And then I am often posting on social media and giving general tips that both buyers and sellers could benefit from. This also goes for Landlords and Tenants. I post about how my company stands out from the other agencies.

Starting my own company! And maintaining clients from many years back. Having clients follow me from working in a big name agency all the way through to still being clients in my own businesses. It is testament to how much I care about my clients and prioritise looking after them.

Exciting and interesting. People will see the “real’ person behind the scenes.



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